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Policies & Procedures


Notify the center as soon as possible, if for any reason, your child will be absent on a scheduled day of attendance. With an absence of one week (5 consecutive days) your child's slot will not be guaranteed unless the center has been notified.


Play clothes are recommended. We try to be careful but clothes do get dirty and/or stained especially during meal time, outdoor play, and doing art activities. All children need a change of clothes to be left at the center.

INFANTS & TODDLERS - The family supplies diapers. Children who are not completely toilet trained must be provided with an adequate change of clothes. Pull-ups are not recommended. Toilet training can begin at 18 months with family support.

SUMMER OUTDOOR PLAY – All children should wear "closed toe" shoes such as tennis shoes for outdoor play to protect their feet. Sandals & flip flops are hard to walk and run in.

WINTER OUTDOOR PLAY - Dress your child for the weather. All children ages one and up go outdoors in the winter. Each day send hats, boots, snow pants, and mittens.


A list of Community Resources is posted on the Parent Bulletin Board. Copies of the list are available on the sign-in/out desk and in the office.


Family/Teacher conferences are scheduled as needed. It is the family's choice to attend. If at any time, you would like to schedule a conference with your child's teacher please inform the office staff to make arrangements.


All child/family information is kept confidential. Information concerning your child/family will not be shared with other families without your consent.


Families may contact the center @453-6670. There are times when we are unavailable to answer the phone immediately. You may leave a message on voice mail. If it is urgent, please keep calling. The e-mail address is Messages can also be left through our web site:

Note paper is available next to the sign-in/out sheets for any written message you may want to leave for management or your child's teacher. Give the message to any staff person or put it on the office desk.


We view guidance as a learning opportunity to teach the child the proper way to behave. When a child needs to be disciplined for his/her actions we talk to the child, redirect the child, remove the child from the situation, take away a privilege and/or put the child in a time out depending what happened, the age and temperament of the child.


In an emergency that we must evacuate the building the children will be taken to the Heritage Inn. Listen to the radio station K-99 (98.9 FM) as we will keep them informed as to what is happening and where we can be located. Both our public and private Facebook pages will be updated with information.


Please advise TLC Center of any difficulty or crisis in your family that may have an effect on the emotional well-being of your child. We would like to support you and your child in any way we can.


Families are encouraged to be involved in the center. The offering of your services is always welcome. Such as input in special events, hiring, policy development, building care and repair. Families and relatives are welcome to join us at any time to:

* Share a meal with your child * Share your talents, hobby or profession * Visit and observe in your child's classroom * Read to the children * Volunteer in the classroom * Join us for monthly activities, parties and celebrations


A resource library is available near the sign-in desk. We have books on numerous topics including for example: guidance, toilet-training, art activities and child growth & development. You are invited to browse the books at any time. Please let us know if you would like to borrow a book.


Families will be notified in advance of field trip activities. No child will be able to participate in any field trip until a signed field trip permission slip is on file at the center. Proper child restraints are legally required for a child less than 6 years of age and 60 pounds. You must provide the car seat.


All forms must be completed prior to enrollment. Telephone numbers and address changes must be reported immediately. The center needs to be kept informed of how to contact the family at all times.


Please contact the management with any questions or concerns you may have. We encourage families to keep the lines of communication open. For licensing concerns, contact TLC Center management or the licensing agency DPHHS/QAD) at (406)444-3074.


TLC Center is closed the following days:

President's Day (Feb.) * Memorial Day (May) * Independence Day (July) * Labor Day (Sept.) * Thanksgiving Day & the following Friday (Nov.) * Various days between Christmas Day (Dec.) & New Year's Day (Jan.)

TLC Center celebrates Holidays such as Easter, Halloween and Christmas with classrooms parties, songs, stories, arts & crafts and/or programs. Treats may be sent for birthdays (cake, cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, etc.). All children and families are invited to join in the festivities.


TLC Center is open from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. There is a late fee for children picked up after 6:05 p.m.


TLC Center strives that each child's care is based on individual strengths, interests, and needs by incorporating elements of each child's culture, goals, and aspirations for their child through regular family input.


Serious injuries are reported to the family immediately. Minor cuts and abrasions are cared for by the staff. Families agree not to hold TLC Center or the staff responsible for illnesses or injuries that are beyond reasonable control to prevent. “Ouch Reports” are filled out if your child gets hurt during the day and a copy is placed in your child's cubby.


Let us know if you have any child care licensing issues that need to be clarified. If you need to talk to our licensing agency they can be reached at the Department of Public Health and Human Services - Quality Assurance Division (DPHHS – QAD) at (406)444-3074.


Montana Childcare regulations state that any TLC Center staff member who has reason to suspect that a child is or has been abused or neglected is required to report the matter to the child abuse hotline at (866)820-5437 within 24 hours of receiving the information.


All children have a quiet time. Individual nap schedules are accommodated as necessary. Infants are on their own individual nap schedule.

Children need one small blanket for nap/rest time. Cots and sheets are provided. Blankets & sheets are laundered weekly.


Newsletters are sent home monthly.

It includes: Notes from the office, information about coming events, staff, birthdays, and classroom activities.


Check your Family Box - below the sign-in/out desk - for the newsletter, notes or messages from the office and/or teachers. Please also check the bulletin board above the sign-in/out desk for posted information.

Daily Care Logs are sent home daily for infants.

They include when your child was changed, what and how much they ate and drank, and any supplies needed.


TLC Center maintains an open door policy for all currently enrolled families and relatives.

Families and relatives are welcome and encouraged to drop-in at any time during normal child care hours. Please feel welcome to call and check on your child at any time during the day.


All children participate int the Preschool program. Activities include:

* Arts & Crafts * Sensory * Music & movement, songs, fingerplays * Social Emontional activites * Stories * Large & small motor skills * Cooking activities * Math & Science



According to Montana Child Care Licensing, the Early Childhood Services Bureau and the Child Care Food Program each enrolled child must be checked in and out daily by a parent or other authorized person. Parents or other authorized adult must check in/out using the Child Care Manager (CCM) Time Klock. If a child leaves the center and returns for a second time, they must be clocked out and back in.

Children can only be released to people listed on the "Authorized Pick Up" form. ID's may be requested.

Children are also checked in daily on the DAILY ATTENDANCE roll sheet in each classroom. Attendance records are kept in both electronic and paper format and are available to authorized agencies such QAD-Licensing and CACFP.



TLC Center participates in the CACFP (Child & Adult Care Food Program). Individual feeding schedules and special diets are accommodated as necessary.

Please report any food allergies and intolerances.


Infants are on their own individual feeding schedule.

Parent's Choice (WalMart) and Simply Right (Sam's Club) formula, baby cereal, and jarred foods are provided. Families may provide their own brand of fomula such as Similac and Enfamil.

We encourage & support mothers who breast feed and will feed expressed breast milk.


Children in attendance during meal time receive nutritious meals.

Breakfast @ 8:30 a.m. *** Lunch @ 11:15/11:45 a.m. *** Afternoon snack @ 2:30


All teachers must meet the Montana state childcare regulations. This includes current immunizations, CPR and 1st Aid certified and a minimum of 24 hours annual training. The majority of our staff have a significantly greater amount of training.


No toys are to be brought from home. Toys brought to the center will be put in the office until it is time to go home. Toys are not to be traded or borrowed without the center's and family's permission. TLC Center and staff are not responsible for toys that get lost or broken that are brought from home.


Children are not allowed to watch TV. Occasionally a DVD movie is watched.

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