Great Falls Day Care
Great Falls Day Care
Great Falls Day Care

Philosophy & Goals

 A child thrives in a relaxed, happy, loving atmosphere where there are opportunities to explore, to share, to play and communicate with his/her contemporaries.  We believe that each child who attends TLC Center is an individual.  We encourage the children to develop social skills, to progress to a greater degree of emotional maturity and to further mental and physical development.  We believe the preschool age child needs a mixture of formalized instruction and free play to stimulate creativity, imagination and curiosity. 

To have real security, each child needs to know that there are limits beyond which he/she may not go.  A child must have the support and guidance of the teachers to help him/her stop when they are over-stimulated, hurting others or being destructive.  A child needs order to the day on which he/she can count on but which is still flexible to his/her needs.

The most important function of TLC Center is to provide a friendly, happy environment which will give each child a chance to grow and develop to the best or his/her ability.  We believe both the child and the parents benefit by sharing this experience.

We believe that the children of today are the adults of the future.  The children are our first priority.  We believe that the families in the program are very important in a child’s life and we work together with families to ensure that the child is receiving every opportunity to feel safe and secure.

THE CHILDREN    To meet the needs of the children educationally, socially, and physically through experiences  that contribute to their developmental needs based on the child’s individual interests and abilities that will build important foundations for future skills and academic pursuits.

THE STAFF    To encourage and educate the staff so that they realize and respect the great responsibility of nurturing and caring for children.

THE FAMILY/PARENTS    To be a positive influence in the lives of every family member by being reliable, trustworthy, and sensitive to the families (changing) needs.  Our greatest tool is that of communication.

Great Falls Day Care