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An integral element in the financial management of a childcare is the collection of tuition fees. Child care centers, like all other businesses, depend on the prompt collection of fees to have the cash flow required to meet the everyday expenses. Fees must be paid on time - every time.

1. A full day is five (5) hours or more.
2. Families pay for the days contracted for - including illnesses, vacations, and other absences.
3. All fees are due by the 10th of the month.
4. If the monthly fee is not paid in full by the 15th of the month, a LATE PAYMENT OF FEES charge of $25 is added to your account. Your child may not be permitted to attend until fees are current.
5. Payment may be made by cash, check or credit card.
6. A monthly statement is provided that includes charges, payments, check number and balance due or credit.
7. There are no refunds.

No notice is required should you decide to withdraw your child from the center.
If for any reason, TLC Center can no longer continue care for a child, the family will be given a minimum of five days written notice of termination for care.
Families receive an end-of-the-year statement and a signed W-10 for tax purposes.

REGISTRATION FEEA $50 non-refundable registration fee per family is charged at enrollment.

INSURANCE FEE A yearly $50 non-refundable insurance fee is charged at enrollment and every September per family.

BANK CHARGES A fee of $50 is charged for a check returned by the bank due to non-sufficient funds.

LATE FEE Unless the center has been notified, a late fee of $20 per 5 (five) minutes will be assessed after 6:05.

NON-PAYMENT OF FEES A fee of $50 per month is charged for non-payment of fees when an account is not paid in full after 30 days from child's last day of attendance. The account will be sent to a collection agency within 120 days.

INFANTS 0-12 Months
Full Time $800 4x/wk $645 3x/wk $490 2x/wk $340 Daily $45
TODDLERS 13-24 Months
Full Time $750 4x/wk $610 3x/wk $465 2x/wk $325 Daily $45
Full Time $650 4x/wk $520 3x/wk $400 2x/wk $270 Daily $35
A.M. or P.M. 3-4 hours/day, age 2+ years
Preschool 5X $525 4X $425 3X $325 2X $225 Daily $28

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