Great Falls Day Care
Great Falls Day Care


TLC Center has five classrooms.
Children are divided by age.

MINI LEARNERS - Newborn to 12 months old

Crystal Redford, Primary Caregiver - Infant/Toddler CDA
Kymber Gill, Primary Caregiver

Our Infants are on their own individual eating and sleeping schedule. Daily Care Logs are completed for each child daily.

LITTLE LEARNERS - 12 - 24 months old

Sandi Srb, Primary Caregiver - Infant/Toddler CDA
Nichole Kinsey, Primary Caregiver - Infant/Toddler CDA

Our toddlers are beginning to be "big" kids. They eat in the common area with the other children, nap on cot, enjoy indoor and outdoor play and create lots of art projects.

ADVENTURERS - 2 year old

Nicole Ameline, Primary Caregiver - Infant/Toddler CDA
Stevannie Euerle, Aid
Tamara Miller, Aid

Our older toddlers have preschool circle time, read a lot books, eat in the common area, have lots of indoor and outdoor play time and do arts and craft projects.

EXPLORERS - 3 year old

Shalee Smith, Primary Caregiver - Infant/Toddler CDA
Chantal Srb, Aid
Tamara Miller, Aid

We do preschool with calendar, songs, Zoo phonics, and various art projects as well as free play both Indoors and outdoors.

PIONEERS - 4 & 5 year old

Heather Swanson, Primary Caregiver
Jennifer Perryman, Aid

We do prepare the children for kindergarten using Zoo Phonics, "Handwriting Without Tears", core concepts including learning colors, letter recognition, day of the week, birth date, address and phone number. There is lots of time for indoor and outdoor activities.


Marsha Johnson, Primary Caregiver - Infant/Toddler CDA
Mariah Kness, Primary Caregiver - Infant/Toddler CDA
Korena Brown, Aid
Alex Olson, Aid - HS Student
Meghan Williams, Aid - HS Student


Elizabeth Olson, Owner
Jennifer McDaniel, Director - Early Childhood AA
Debra Blank, Consultant - Early Childhood AA

TLC Center is a for-profit, STAR 3, licensed child care center, an Early Head Start collaborative site, and a Child & Adult Food Program participant, leasing space from Bethel Lutheran Church and registered with the City of Great Falls and the State of Montana.

Great Falls Day Care